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Stairway to heaven drama

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Song-Joo (Kwon Sang-woo) and Jung-Seo (Choi Ji-woo) were destined to be together even before they were born. It's very rude, or else, I may be from different culture. Too bad I was too young to understand what exactly its story was when it had its first appearance on TV. Both of their parents were close friends, they have almost grown up together since their childhood. They even try not to be sick because one may worry the other. It's like it knew I love crying or something because it got me in tears every second. The way Cha Song Ju walks, it's liked more of a gangster than an executive. One more, Han Jung Suh babbles too much during her sick days, very demanding, not like her young age. But now, if only I could return back in time, perhaps, I would have been the number 1 fan of this drama. KSCJWoo Forever The only son of a multi-national cooperation is involved in this drama, so it must be glamorous. Song-Joo, being the only son of a multi-national cooperation, begins his business training and prepares himself to study abroad. One of the best Korean melodramas out there Great acting great music and a mesmerizing storyline The addition of Lee Cham as director Jang is brilliant And he plays it to a T the sad storyline had me entranced For all 20 episodes Great work great writing I really love dis drama.currently in malaysia, its airing on ONE HD.. The feeling of this drama when i watch it never changed. instead of waiting for the next episode on the tv, i watch it online,, I think nowadays, its hard to find that kind of love that both oppa gave to the beloved one ... I'm a huge melodrama fan but woooow this has got to be the ULTIMATE melodrama I have ever watched. Sooo many story lines that always kept me in tears!! The actors played very well to the point that you can feel their pain as if it's real. Don't watch this without a box of tissue trust me I've done that haha THIS IS ACTUALLY THE BEST MELODRAMA I'VE EVER SEEN IN KDRAMA WORLD LIKE SERIOUSLY. the story will move your heart, totally heartbreaking. This the most beautiful and hartbreaking loving drama. I love Cha Song-Ju-'pa loving Han Jung-Su-shi, who had loved him endlessly as well. Wow, he inspects the building while surrounding by his bodyguards. Before Song-Joo’s departure, Jung-Seo and Song-Joo exchange necklaces as if they are exchanging parts of their souls. YES...drama is on "ONE" right now.....instead of waiting for the next episode the next day..... the sincerity of the actors are superb, i'm saying the classic drama is way better in terms of showing the sadness. I really love the story love line and although the ending is sad, I know true soulmates love goes beyond death. This has to be one of the most depressing Korean dramas I have every watched. I hate how unfair the story went for both of their lives, but then again, those unfairness brought the undying love they had for each other. Thank you for making such a wonderful story, great actors and beautiful panorama. Time passes and Song-Joo returns from his studies to get back with Jung-Seo. Jung-Seo gets hit by Yoo-ri’s car and suffers amnesia. like someone said have tissues ready while u watch this drama. I've been watching kdramas for over a decade but i still can't stop coming back to this one. I decided to watch it in it's my third time.... I just loved it so much.....drama told us about the meaning of "true love", "faith", and the real world we see how greedy the people are when they talk about power and money..can do anything..... Ah " part and actually i found out it is Ave Maria song in this drama. one rule while watching this drama: make sure you have a box of tissues. Amazing performances from each actor and actresses especialy the leading couple. but the actors are amazing and the drama is really interesting. From the beginning to the end it was heartbreaking. Few dramas boast an original story and themes, but even fewer can rework the same formulas into a far greater classic! Stairway to Heaven is a prototypical Korean Drama, and features the hyper-emotional extremes, iconic tragedy, and tangled romantic melodrama that have all but defined the genre. But what sets Stairway to Heaven apart is that it does these things far better than any of its predecessors! For as long as they can remember, Han Jung Suh (Choi Ji Woo of Winter Sonata) and Cha Song Joo (Kwon Sang Woo of Love So Divine and My Tutor Friend) have always been meant for one another. But when Jung Suh receives a new family, everything changes! Stairway to heaven drama free registry fixer A vast archive of episode guides for radio series past and present. Watch Korean movies online. You can watch free movies online and English subtitle.