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Asp net pdf file to client

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As you can see above I have an array valid File Types in which I am storing the extensions of the files that I want to allow the user to upload based. Then it loops through the array and matches that with that of the file selected by the user if it does not match user is prompted to select a valid file. As you will notice the Server Side File Extension validation also use the same logic as used in client side validation checking. Here also I am maintaining a string array of valid File extensions and then matching it with the extension of the File that has been uploaded. The Server Side Validation Checking ensures that the even if the Java Script Client Side Checking fails it can be validated server side . The library does not rely on external tools or services and does not require installation or server configuration changes, supporting simple copy deployment. It has been designed and tested to work reliably in multithreaded environments and in high traffic websites. The converter has full support for HTML tags, CSS and Java Script and for advanced HTML5 features like CSS3, SVG and Web Fonts. The rendering is extremely accurate and the resulted PDF preserves all the graphics, images, texts, fonts and layout of the original HTML document, no matter how complex would be. The converter includes advanced automations for creating table of contents and hierarchical bookmarks based on HTML document structure and for transforming HTML forms into fillable PDF forms. Asp net pdf file to client hindi dance videos free Last week I was conducting a training for one of my clients on MVC 3 features. They had a file server, hosting various types of reports and were using an Web Form application as a front-end to download the reports on the client machine. Home / Forums / General / Web Forms / Open a PDF file in new window Open a PDF file in new window Answered RSS 12 replies